Reflaction Management

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New glossy magazine : Bij ons in de Residentie, 2012, jaargang 2, pagina 212, De Strandcoach, Reportage 'Bezieling in de Branding', Peter van Luijn.

Peter van Luijn has started since March of 2009 as the first Beachcoach of The Netherlands working in the area of Scheveningen, The Hague. Customers react positively and are very enthousiastic about the quality and location of the coaching sessions and the possibilities of the beach.

The multi-disciplined conference ‘Ruggespraak’, organized by the Rugschool, Fysiotherapy and Recovery, in association with Reflaction Management, has been very well received in the The Hague medical workfield (circuit). The exclusively invited specialists, doctors and fysiotherapists, experienced this meeting on ‘the Herniaway’ incredibly useful, especially because of the open, multi-disciplined character and their personal experiences with the practical and physical aspect of the program at the Rugschool.