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My name is Peter van Luijn, founder, advisor / consultant, coach or interim manager.
I am a very enthusiastic, result oriented person able to inspire people moving towards change and getting things done. I feel happy to offer my expertise and experience to work together on finding solutions on your challanges and the achievement of your goals.
To get People and Organisations into action is one of my strenghts.

With the use of reflection, analyzing, and the use of new methods, i am capable of transforming the current situation (A), into the desired situation (B). These change processess are very intens and request a strong focus and ceativity. It starts with a clear demand and defined assignment.

With the present knowledge, insight, open-minded and out-of-the-box thinking, we can collectively achieve the desired developments and innovations. The way on itself, is just as important as the final goal. At the end of the day, results matter. This is my Passion.

The services involve individual situations, business relationships, cooperation and organiational processess, big or small.
Reflection, Action and the Self-Management.

Reflaction Management is founded in 1996. Peter van Luijn has almost 30 years of experience in very divers jobs within Financial Services, Industrial Business, Health Care, Local and National Government. With his personal development and experiences he is capable of analyzing your situation, giving advice, as well as implementing the right approach in your organisation. 
The main Vision is ROI: Report, Return and Result on Investment.

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With Regards,
Peter van Luijn